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RockTenn was an American paper and packaging manufacturer based in Norcross, Georgia. In 2015, it merged with MeadWestvaco to form the WestRock company. It was one of North America's leading producers of corrugated and consumer packaging and recycling solutions, with annualized net sales of approximately $10 billion. The company employed approximately 26,000 people and operated more than 245 facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and China.


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Worker (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend working here unless you want to be worked like a slave and lied to about everything. Favoritism is a big part why this company sucks to work for. Off shifts are nothing but trouble according to day shifts. Poor leadership, no responsibility for poor leadership"

General Labour (Former Employee) says

"The people were cool and easy going same with office staff.The manager was and is the issue, doesn't train properly and brings his life issues with him to the work place, no organization or structure, was hired for monday to friday however was basically threatened if I didn't work saturdays as well I wouldn't have a job.Just wasn't worth the headaches for me as I like to just go to work, do my job and leave not deal with people's personal life issues and negativity especially for min wage.I started with another guy who quit after two hours, I needed the job though and at least wanted to give it a honest shot but after being berraded, talked down to and treated like trash all week I decided to not return.Day goes by quick, get three breaksToo many to name"

Assistant Operator (Former Employee) says

"All the worst reviews about Westrock are absolutely true. People are not helpful or friendly, management propagates work place politics, poor environment (hard labor, hot building, 12 hour days, 6 day weeks) major culture-based clique at the location I worked at. Must be big, strong and athletic to be able to perform at the level co-workers and management expect. Basically, an American sweat shop. Worst employment experience of my life.NoneTerrible, toxic work environment. Nobody should ever work for this company"

Line Leader/Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management. Tracy doesn’t care about his employees. No advancement opportunities. Overloaded work environment. Hazardous conditions. Sweatshop.NoneEverything"

Senior operator (Former Employee) says

"Idiots running the New Westminster operation always trying to discipline good people, just awful, minimal education and had no idea what they were doingWagesPoor management"

Die Cut Operator (Former Employee) says

"Managment is a joke they want you to do 100 things at once or it’s not good enough for them the lie to you about having time off to be with your family plus it’s bs you get a point if you don’t stay cause other people who work there don’t want to cone in so they force you to stay after you just busted your butt I’m glad I don’t work there anymore place is very stressful I don’t see how this company succeeds"

Line Leader (Former Employee) says

"The production manager is two faced as are most employees there. There work life balance sucks and the pay sucks. Favoritism runs rapid there and if you ever step up and do more than expected people get job scared. If you have a conflict they won't do anything to resolve it. Upper management thinks they are better than everyone, no interpersonal skills, Poor planing on their part requires months with no days off, Back stabbing is a company policy. company is going down hill and they try nothing to save it. I hope it goes under completely because they suck as a whole.nothing good about that placeLife work balance, poor management"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Do not go through them unless it is a last resort. They are cheap and make false promises. The management are backstabbing liars.I would not recommend working for this outfit."

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"You can do better. It's dirty hot unpredictable unreliable and unreasonable amount of ppe is required. This review is unnecessary because they only hire through Elwood staffing which could be a whole other negative review and you will be a disposal temp for 5 years min. At least 99% turnover rate. The leads are good but management isn't. Low pay poor treatment."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"This is by far the worst job i have ever had. If all you want is long days, no time off, constant harping to do more for productivity with all of the old and out dated equipment. Then that is what you will get.decent pay for the educationeverything about it"

Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"Worked hard to ensure that HR was updated and that everybody had correct pay rates that were overdue by 6+ months. Upper management didn't care and they always acted like they were doing best by their employees but they weren't."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible, backstabbing coworkers; safety rules only apply to some. There is no work life balance! No trust or support or any kind of real leadership! Don’t get me wrong there are some good people but they few are far betweenNoneEverything"

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"Upper management acts as if they actually provide leadership when in reality their safety procedures are just a mask to put blame on lower employees. Management will make themselves look wonderful while turning around and blaming you the employee for everything that goes wrong. Favoritism is so rampant its sickening. The most enjoyable part of the job is when you get to clock out, go home, and forget this place. Illegal workplace practices take place here and Management is in on it. A toxic work environment at its best. Run from this place!!!"

Production Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Long hours away from family with very little benefits or room to move up the ladder due to instability within the company. This company (MeadWestVacoCalmar) told us that we were merging with another company (Rock Tenn) to form WestRock Company, but in fact we were bought out. My hourly operators told me that they were instructed NOT to sell or trade their purchased stocks within the company, but Rock Tenn employees were given that option. I saw this as a very shady situation and sought employment elsewhere."

Unemployed (Former Employee) says

"This is Canada, if you don’t like the laws we have in place here then don’t come open up a business here. Follow the same rules and regulations as the city you’re in. Simple. Nobody wants to work for a bunch of squares."

Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"unstable company to work for, never knew day by day what hours you would be working. Company is job by job based so never knew if they would have a full day of work for you, and no training."

Warehouse Manager/Forklift & Pallet Jack Certified Trainer West Rock (Former Employee) says

"Horribly managed , treat employees like slavery not air conditioning in the summer with temperatures over 100 degrees no heat in the winter. Company managers are all white. Worse company to work for"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"WestRock supports unethical and prejudice managers. The company is not the diverse company they portray to be. Blatant discrimination and racism is acceptable at WestRock with the backing of directors and Human Resources."

Assistant Operator (Former Employee) says

"No care for employees, union plant but useless at the corona plant. Management has no sense of respect for employees. They dont respect employees personal matters. Employee turn around is horrible."

Rotary die operator (Former Employee) says

"Work conditions due to season tempers were unbearable. Extreme heat in summer and cold in the winter. Supervisor pressure to perform ridiculous. Favoritism toward those who kids up to management."